A digital novel written & designed in 36 hours

She loved cats. There was no reason, no logic to it. It was simply a love that did not need justification. They were there with all of their magic, fuzzy hair and shiny eyes like those of slithering snakes, both mysterious and mesmerizing.

📖 The story

As she returned from school, she would trace down her cotton socks and slide into an online world filled with cats. Follow an impressionable, young girl into the depths of online obsession and curiosity where loneliness becomes pacified through sexual exploration and disappointment.

Writing a novel in 30 hours

Saturday morning was fueled by milky coffee and consequently, over energetic determination which resulted in writing the majority of the submission. Without a thought as to how this story would unfold, I began by writing a single tweet, which was the start of collaboration: »I am about to attempt to write a novel in 30 hours... Stupidity: Check. Cozy location: Check.«


I shared »I like cats« with Benedikt before he had given it a title. The suggestion of making a book out of it came as a pleasant surprise and that same elation grew as I began to see snippets of the story visualized in beautiful, understated typography and color. Just like the girl in the story, the book design had a graceful innocence requiring a second look to reveal its subtle sexual undertones and pretty deviousness.

💥 About Danielle Reid

Danielle is an Australian visual story teller. Drawing experience from different facets of visual communication, from graphic design to fine art to photography and art direction in advertising, Danielle's latest focus is co-founding Berlin based start-up, Capsule.fm as visual and sound director.

📕 About the book

Written, designed and printed with love in Berlin. Available as a beautifully printed 40 pages (105x148mm) softcover booklet for only €7,49 or as an eBook (PDF, ePub) for only €2,99 on epubli, Amazon or iTunes (soon).

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